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Right now, I am sure you are getting a lot of emails and updates from everywhere about the covid-19 virus and all the impacts it is having on our world.

I wanted to have a place to clarify how my business and services will be impacted during this time, as a way to educate you and others.

please message me if you feel that I have not answered your questions here.

find out more about how this pandemic will effect:

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my business in general

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the corona virus

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my business in general

the corona virus +

In general, my business is still open due to my client interaction being primarily done online or via phone/video chats. This means I am currently accepting new clients and new projects.

I understand that during this time of emotional, mental, financial and overall uncertainty due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic - many creatives are quickly trying to find ways to shift their focus to ways of still meeting their client's needs as well as finding ways to improve their own business at this time. 

I am also focusing on ways during this time to provide needed help and services, as well as payment options and a referral program. I will also be working on other items that can be of help during this time as resources.

booking and payment plans

the corona virus +

At this time, I am still booking design projects. To start a project, I only require 25% of the total balance down*, as well as payment plans for you to be able to finish the projects on the backend of your business to better service your clients. 

My currently client projects, as I already emailed about, will continue with only minor delays due to my own children being home as well as any agreed upon delays from my client's end. 

With regards to payment plan options, as well as paying just a retainer and continuing the project at a later date, please message me directly about these options.

I will also be offering a referral program, which will be link below, when it launches in a few days.

digital assistance services

the corona virus +

with a lot of focus now shifting with fellow creatives to the back end of their business and other ways to work during this time - I am offering my services in multiple ways to assist with this new focus in your business. 

I am currently waving my mandatory 3-month requirement for booking me as a virtual assistant to your business, as well as streamlining the options for booking at a prorated amount.

In addition to graphic design or website building, I am also able to help you on the backend, so you don't have to stress of learning new tools or feel overwhelmed with this sudden need to shift the focus of your business.

Check out my offerings, as well as freebies and tips for helping continuing your business during this time.

headshots + photography

the corona virus +

Following the recommendations of the CDC and the governor of Virginia, I will not at this time be offering in-person photographic services with clients. This is for my personal health, as well as the health and safety of my clients and their family.

some Alternatives for sessions right now, are that I will be launching a referral program that will encompass photographic services, in addition to my other branded services of graphic + website designs, Digital Assistance, and custom illustrations.

More information will be linked below, in a few days when I release the program. 

You can also pre-book services with me, for a future to-be-determined date. Please message me directly about these options.

Designing from Suffolk, Virginia (or wherever my life & laptop take me)!

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